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I hereby authorize KingTracking, Inc to charge the indicated credit card for services provided and applicable excess usage fees. I agree that this is a periodic charge that will be made according to my billing cycle, and in order to terminate the recurring billing process I must either cancel my account, or arrange for an alternative method of payment. I understand that all account cancellations for which an active recurring billing authorization exists must be made in writing according to the requirements of KingTracking, Inc. Terms of Services which I have read and understand. I agree not to dispute KingTracking, Inc recurring billing with my credit card issuer as long as the amount in question was for services rendered prior to cancellation of the account. I agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the KingTracking, Inc Terms of Service, and I understand that I will forfeit any fees paid to date if my account is terminated as a result of a Terms of Services violation. I understand that KingTracking, Inc will not mail me any invoices or bills. I agree that any credits issued by KingTracking, Inc for any reason will not be refunded to my credit card, but instead deducted from my next bill. I agree that if I have any problems or questions regarding my KingTracking, Inc service, I will contact KingTracking, Inc for assistance, using the contact information on their web site at I agree that I will not dispute any charges from KingTracking, Inc unless I have already made an effort in good faith to rectify the situation directly with KingTracking, Inc and those efforts have failed. I authorize KingTracking, Inc and its sponsoring agency to run an address verification search. This verification process is a security measure designed to protect me, the client, from illegal fraud against my credit card. I guarantee and warrant that I am the legal cardholder for this credit card, and that I am legally authorized to enter into this recurring billing agreement with KingTracking, Inc. REQUESTS TO TERMINATE AUTHORIZATION OF RECURRING BILLING MUST BE MADE IN WRITING 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE NEXT SCHEDULED PAYMENT TO THE ADDRESS LISTED BELLOW OR SEND EMAIL TO SUPPORT@DSSI.CC

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The purchaser of product has the responsibility to confirm and comply with any and all applicable federal, state and/or local laws. The purchaser must be aware that GPS Tracking laws vary from state-to-state, and it is their sole responsibility to educate themselves on their federal, state or local laws, regarding any product purchased from KingTracking strongly recommends an attorney should be consulted before the purchase of any item to confirm any applicable laws. Under absolutely NO circumstances shall KingTracking be held liable for any indirect, direct, special, consequential or incidental damages, resulting from the inability to use, misuse, or use product(s) or service(s) that are purchased from KingTracking Investigations Inc or By submitting an order, the purchaser represents that he or she will use the product acquired in a responsible and lawful manner, and they will not violate any laws or individual's rights.

KingTracking GPS System is based on cell phone towers, all devices in the US currently run on a 2G network , we do not guarantee any changes of service in the future.

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